Ariel has a sassy style, a smile that demands stares and an angelic voice of many ranges. She commands ears.  The young R&B trendsetter from Richmond VA, who began writing songs in her early teenage years, will leave you gasping for air with her sultry unique vocals. Ariel was born singing and has had a lifetime of musical influences in a family of writers, poets, singers, musicians, performers and actors. Her mother is well known in the music industry and overseas as former rapper/lyricist “Buttas” (A.K.A. Shaun Nicole). Ariel’s influences include Beyonce, Fantasia and of course, her mom. 

At age 6, Ariel was a lead singer in the church Youth Choir. She later became a member of the Gospel Music Workshop of America. She has also played several instruments. She sang in choirs throughout her middle, high school and college careers. A submission of her first written and recorded live performance won over school officials for her entry into the School Of The Performing Arts, a high school in Richmond’s Henrico County.  While attending, Ariel was accepted to Juilliard School in New York City but finances created a stumbling block.  However, Ariel never gave up her passion for singing and her voice grew stronger with every note.  Not only a leader and head of her "class", she also choreographs and floats like a goddess in dance and theatre. 

Ariel graduated from Mary Baldwin University in 2019. While a student there, she lead and assisted with several events and was inducted in the Ida B Wells society. 

She had her first studio session in 2015. She was featured on two collaborations with VA rapper, Rae DoubleR. She wrote hooks on two songs; “DREAM” and “Year18”.  “Year18” was engineered by “Red Rum”, former Dj Khaled’s “We The Best” artist.  Her first solo studio recording, a song also written by her, is titled “Crown”. “Crown” was recorded and produced by Scottie Stlyes.  A huge moment in Ariel’s career was winning a competition on a Carnival Cruise where she performed a Beyonce song.  She was offered an internship by the cruise following her performance but gracefully declined.  

Her music comes from heart felt life experiences.  All ages are engaged and touched by her life’s lyrics. Ariel will touch hearts, minds and souls forever.